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The experts at MillCorp Industrial Sales, LLC specialize in providing a diverse variety of valves from many experienced, high quality manufacturers. We are proud to partner with YVC Valve to offer flanged ball, swing check, and forged steel valves, among many others. YVC flanged ball valves feature a WCB cast body with an anti-blowout stem design. They are available in 2" to 8" sizes, and all of the materials used in production meet NACE MR0175 standards. We also carry flanged swing check valves from YVC, which are constructed out of ductile iron or carbon steel. The iron valves have a 2000 psi capacity, while the steel ones have 5000 psi. And YVC forged steel gate, globe, and check valves feature conventional port design that is made to API602 specs, with sizes up to 2.5" and an ASME b16.11 pressure-temperature rating.

For more information about the many different YVC valves that are available, please contact MillCorp directly.

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