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Distributor & Supplier of Industrial Thermometers

Thermometers used in today’s industrial applications need to be robust and reliable to fulfill the requirements of modern industrial processes. At MillCorp Industrial Sales, LLC, we partner with NOSHOK to provide high precision industrial thermometers to customers across the South and West Texas regions. NOSHOK is an established leader in the manufacture of measurement solutions, and has been providing products for a diverse range of applications for over 40 years.

From bi-metal and vapor actuated thermometers to temperature transmitters and transducers, NOSHOK offers reliable cost effective solutions with a wide array of options. Thermometers come with a 1 to 7 year warranty with options such as thermowells designed for corrosive and erosive fluids, various capillary and dial sizes, as well as a number of mounting options. NOSHOK temperature transmitters and transducers feature a unique integrated amplifier, a number of stem lengths and electrical connection options. For more information about these or any other products that we offer, please contact us directly.

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NOSHOK Catalog
NOSHOK Catalog

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